Help Out

Want to help? 

There are so many ways you can lend a hand, no matter who you are!

1.  Adopt – There are so many "pit bull" type dogs in shelters and rescue groups.  All they want is someone to love!  When you adopt a "pit bull", you get unconditional love and loyalty in return.  Open your home; you won’t regret it.  Check out Bick's "Pits" who are available for adoption or use the search tools on the right side of the page to find your new best friend!


2. Spread the word – Knowledge is power.  Please share this campaign on Facebook, Tweet about it, and Pin it! Use the search boxes on the right to find a "pit bull" you’d like to help, and then use the tools on the dog’s details page to share him or her with all of your friends and followers.  When dogs are seen by enough people, they get adopted.  Period.  Show them off to the world!


3. Volunteer – No matter who you are, your help is needed somewhere.  You can volunteer to walk dogs, clean kennels, use your marketing and writing skills, put your building and contractor talents to good use… anything you can imagine. Area shelters always need help so contact them for more information. To volunteer with the Bickell Foundation, click here for more information. 


4. Foster - When you foster a "pit bull" you are helping a dog breed that is over populated in shelters, and one of the most euthanized breeds because of it. Not only that, but when you foster – you save two lives! The life of the dog you foster, and one that is at a shelter that might not have a space if you hadn’t helped make a space by fostering. Connect with our favorite rescues who always need fosters. Click here. 


5. Donate – Your donations can truly make the difference between life and death in some cases.  No donation is too small to help. To donate click here. 

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