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Bryan's MS Diagnosis

"I was losing control over my own body, and it was really, really scary."

In 2015, Bryan began to experience symptoms he didn’t recognize. It started with vertigo, and then vestibular issues, followed by unexplained pain in his shoulder and leg. 

The two-time Stanley Cup winner from Orono, Ontario was at a loss for what was going on with his body. He knew something wasn’t right, but like most people with an MS diagnosis will say: had no idea what. 
Our MS Retreat Project
Located in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, the Bickells are committed to building a fully accessible MS retreat for those diagnosed with MS and their families. This project began in the late fall of 2019, with the goal of bringing families to experience this healing environment in 2021. (COVID pending)

We hope to create an environment that integrates learning in a peaceful natural surrounding away from the busyness of everyday life. Our thoughtful opportunities and activities at our MS Retreat will be available to assist you and your family to get the maximum benefits from your stay here.
Our Mission
A Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis can be scary and confusing. Having to navigate it alone can be even more isolating.

The Bickell Foundation's MS Program is helping to ease some of the fear and answer questions that accompany a new diagnosis by providing individuals the tools that they need to confidently face their diagnosis and lead healthy and full lives. 
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