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Living with MS poses a unique set of challenges. Ones that unless you are "in it", are complicated to understand. And even when you are in it, there are plenty of days that leave you exhausted from the confusion or isolation alone.

In the Bickell household, we've made it our mission to incorporate overall health; physical, mental, and emotional into making our journey with Bryan's diagnosis easier. This is a big reason why we decided to move forward with our MS Retreat plan. 

We know just how powerful getting out in nature, spending time together as a family, being active, cooking together, and laughing together really is while we find ways to adapt and cope.

It is our mission to bring this opportunity to others. 

In addition to the MS Retreat, the foundation also matches up people who are recently diagnosed with people who have been living with MS for a longer period of time through the MS Buddies program. 

These relationships provide emotional support from someone who truly understands. Buddies are assigned to patients based on mutual interests, age, geographic location, and preferences. Buddies are provided support through the Bickell Foundation including resources and guidance. 

And finally, the Bickell Foundation also offers assistance in the form of grants to help make the lives of individuals with MS a little easier. 

In the past, the foundation has funded things such as medical bills, utility bills, groceries, veterinary bills, gym equipment, and more. 

We are committed to providing services that support individuals and families with MS throughout their entire MS journey. If you are interested in partnering on this journey, please send us an email.
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